Downtown Offices – Historical Centre

Bipark 26


Bipark 26 is included in the Double stackers’ range and is the simplest product and very user friendly.
It doesn’t need a pit. The first vehicle is parked on the platform and then lifted up till a height of 1,80 mt. allowing another vehicle to be parked underneath. In this way we can double the parking space.


Tecnopark - automatic parking systems

Tecnopark ia an automatic parking system with a high density of cars’ storage which allows you to optimize the space available in areas such as court yards, old garages or the basements of city centre buildings.

Double Spacer 25/2

Double Spacer 25/2

The double stacker Double Spacer 25/2 maintain the same characteristics of versatility and robustness of his little brother, Spacer 25/2 but is able to manage up to four cars per time. The system requires a pit that allows the removal of the cars on the lower platform, without moving the ones parked on the upper platform.



Ralla is a turntable that is adaptable for narrow spaces, where manoeuvering with a vheicle is practically impossibile. Easy to use, it can turn the car through 360° where it has been parked thus facilitating a way out from the narrow space. Completely electronic it can be provided with a remote control. This turntable has been developed in different sizes of diameter and capacities up to 8 meters in diameter and 8 tons capacity.

Spacer 25/2 i

Spacer 25/2

Spacer and Double Spacer 25/2 are double stackers that require a pit . This means that cars parked on the bottom platform can be removed without disturbing the cars parked on the upper platform. The double stackers Spacer and Double Spacer 25/2 are known for their outstanding robustness and each platform can accommodate cars up to 2,5 tons each.