Spacer 25/2

Spacer and Double Spacer 25/2 are double stackers that require a pit . This means that cars parked on the bottom platform can be removed without disturbing the cars parked on the upper platform. The double stackers Spacer and Double Spacer 25/2 are known for their outstanding robustness and each platform can accommodate cars up to 2,5 tons each.


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Spacer 25/2 is a stand-alone parking duplicator platform that makes it possible to park two cars and immediately withdraw them, without any hindrance or constraints, and in a completely independent manner.
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The sequence of photographs clearly shows how the cars are managed and how practical this parking system is.
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Like the Double Spacer 25/2, Spacer 25/2 has a hydraulically operated mechanical block at the top of the column able to ensure platform safety at all times.
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The piston that locks the platform is controlled by a limit switch (installed also on the Double Spacer 25/2). This safety system checks whether the piston is completely inside/outside its seat (functioning properly); if this is not the case, the platform will be automatically blocked.
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The sequence of photographs shows how the mechanical locking piston on the floor of the platform sets the unit in safety mode.
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The piston exits the column to engage the shoulder and block the unit. As soon as this operation is completed, the oil is discharged out of the entire hydraulic system; thus the circuit does not need to remain pressurized and this, in turn, reduces wear and increases the life of the unit.
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The column slide shoulder is solidly secured to the platform and the outside of the piston shaft, allowing it to function. The sturdiness of this product is its foremost index of quality and machine safety.
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The columns are secured to the wall with brackets and chemical anchors. This operation ensures the utmost stability.