The Duplo Model is essentially an underground parking place that also allows two vehicles to be parked in the same space. One is parked in the pit on the lower platform while another vehicle can be parked on the roof when the Duplo is submerged. The roof can blend in with the surrounding area so your car is safely and discretely parked.


Duplo foto 1
Duplo comes in three versions: Duplo 30 T, Duplo 25/2 and Duplo 20/2 T. The entire machine is fully galvanized, both parking platform and roof.
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Ideal for outdoor installation such as in gardens or garage access zones, Duplo can double up parking spaces or hide vehicles completely underground, keeping the residential space free of clutter.
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The platform can also be used for full size vehicles or those with a long wheel base. Easy parking is one of the main prerogatives of the Duplo line.
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The roof has an access hatch for maintenance, control and emergency access. This opening makes inspection easier, even during closed parking of unit.
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The unit has two torsion bars, one for each pair of columns, located on the short sides. In this case the torsion bars are part of the system of equalizing chains that ensure perfect alignment of the machine, preventing any tilting during movement.
Duplo foto 8
The detail shows that the system of chains is doubled for each long side of the unit, engaging completely around the notched torsion bar pinion. By keeping the chains under tension, the system cannot tilt.
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Duplo foto 10
As a whole, the system of chains makes the unit perfectly safe against any problems that could affect stability.
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Duplo foto 13
The unit also has an electromagnetic rack connection block that sets the unit in safety mode at any height.
Duplo foto 11
Each column has this system.
The most obvious result of this is that the vehicle/s positioned on the platforms is/are absolutely safe.