The Rex PF version increases the car parking lift family to allow people on board.
Extremely secure and reliable, the car parking lift Totalrex PF,with control panels placed on top of the platform, guarantee the absolute security and reliability for the person and the car on board.


Totalrex foto 1
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The pantograph line also includes products which allow a person to remain on-board. This option is suitable for those cases where the distance traveled is less than 4 mt. or, for the same distance, wall anchoring is not possible.
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As seen in the photo, the person can operate the lift while seated in the vehicle (for the sake of clarity, the photographs were taken inside a building since it would be impossible to photograph the whole after being inserted in the pit).
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Among other things, the wheel stops secured to the platform help ensure complete vehicle safety on-board. This system prevents the vehicle from oscillating back and forth once on the platform.
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One of the main characteristics of Omer SPA products is that weight is perfectly balanced on the platform, no matter where it is positioned. The system of Omer SPA units, in particular TOTAL REX, makes it possible to lift the platform while keeping it perfectly parallel to the ground, without any torsion or bending at all.
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On the short sides of the platform, TOTAL REX has two photoelectric barriers that block the vehicle immediately and automatically as soon as they come into contact with the vehicle itself, thus protecting the vehicle from contact with the surrounding wall.
Totalrex foto 8
This photo shows the photocell fit inside a galvanized iron structure that protects both the transmission system (and receiver) and the electrical connections.
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TOTAL REX is one of the few vehicle elevators on the market that allows a person to remain on-board and is also one of the most reliable car lifts on the market.
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The various electrical connections of the pushbutton control panel to the electrical panel run through special aluminum ducts that prevent deterioration and tampering. The photo shows how carefully the product is manufactured.
Totalrex foto 11
The position of the control panel is specially designed so that, when the vehicle stops, the driver can easily reach through the window to operate the lift while comfortably seated in the vehicle.
Totalrex foto 12
The pushbutton panel also has normal controls to reach the desired floor as well as emergency buttons and an interphone to communicate with the outside using a telephone dialer.
Totalrex foto 13
Here is another detail of electrical connection to the control panel. Note the aluminum duct the connections pass through.
Totalrex foto 15
The maintenance panel allows the operator to move the unit from various positions, thus providing access under special circumstances and in full safety.
Totalrex foto 14
The pushbutton control panels on the various floors are used to call the lift; these panels also have safety keys to keep out unautherised users. The pushbutton panel has class IP 65 protection rating against outside factors.
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Totalrex foto 17
The overall view of the electric-hydraulic unit clearly shows how compact the unit is; a further indication that control unit requires minimum space.
Totalrex foto 21
Electrical control panel normally installed on the wall above the hydraulic unit. The photo shows the telephone receiver used to contact the intercom on the platform.
Totalrex foto 18
Detail of the lock for manual control of the doors (optional).
Totalrex foto 22
The telephone dialer, located on the electrical panel, can repeat dial seven numbers, continuing until the first available
number answers. The device has 22 country codes, thus adapting the unit to the national telephone network.
Totalrex foto 19
Magnetic sensor controls opening of the motorized doors. Connection to the control unit enables or disables automatic opening of the doors. (standard).