Tecnopark – Automatic Parking System

Tecnopark ia an automatic parking system with a high density of cars’ storage which allows you to optimize the space available in areas such as court yards, old garages or the basements of city centre buildings.


Tecnopark is an automated parking system that offers high intensity vehicle storage, making the most of differently shaped areas such as courtyards, obsolete garages or basements located in city centres.
This electro-hydraulic system uses hydraulics for vertical movement of the lift and electricity to for all horizontal movement of the parking platforms.
The vehicle is moved using metal platforms supported by plastic wheels that reduce noise and structural vibrations to the barest minimum.
This is extremely versatile, modular parking that is flexible and can be adapted to various urban areas.
This system allows you to choose the type of vertical lift - column (SPACER) or pantograph (REX) - and thus can be used in a wide range of situations. Where possible, installation of a turntable makes it possible to orient the vehicle so that it can easily be driven into and out of the parking space.
The user accesses parking by entering his vehicle parking or taking off code on the interactive “touch screen” panel; this screen also displays all information the system sends the user.

After the user has set the vehicle on the platform at the entrance, the system checks the geometries to ensure that all movement inside the parking area is interference-free and, if no problems are found, it automatically starts the movement cycle.
The high-tech control panel can be monitored remotely over a common telephone line.
Each cell has a code that can be called up by the user to identify his vehicle.
The parking lot can be outfit with a fire detection and extinguishing system.
Safety at all entrances to the parking zone is monitored to prevent anyone from entering the automatic vehicle move- ment areas.

Tecnopark comes with all documentation required by the Machine Directive and has CE marking in compliance with European standard EN 14010.

Fig 1:

Tecnopark foto 4
Tecnopark foto 2
Vehicle entrance to control positioning on platform. Entrance is protected from the vehicle storage zone by two sectional doors.

Fig 2:

Tecnopark foto 3
Area beside the entrance where the vehicle platforms are stored.

Fig 3:

Tecnopark foto 1
Area beside the entrance where the vehicle platforms are stored showing the sectional door closed.

Fig 4:

Tecnopark foto 5
View of the hydraulic lift control unit complete with protection casing and control panel with interface for monitoring, alarms and maintenance of the systems.

Fig 5:

Tecnopark foto 6
Detail of the operator panel used to provide information and to enter the access codes for parking and picking up vehicles.